How I have Benefited from the Summer Vacations

girledu5Each August annually, vacation classes are organized by the Girls Education Initiative of Ghana for us and this has countless benefits and merits. The sessions have been a major impact on the student lives academically, socially and morally. It has helped us know that as individuals the only way we can be prosperous in life is by education, which is the key to success and one of the greatest advantage received from the organization.

It helps us to get exposed to other things in the world. We get to know and learn new things which has served as our backbone in our daily improvement.
Motivational and inspirational talks has really helped us mentors and role models that we look up to.

Education is a step by step process and can only be carried out hand in hand together in an orderly manner. The summer vacation classes organized by the Girls Education Initiative of Ghana (GEIG) has brought me individual benefits in my academic life and studies. This classes organized annually in the month of August has given me the opportunity to derive a lot of benefits in my academic performance. New topics are taught with a deeper understanding. I learned how to cultivate team work since I had to work together with the other students. Also I learned how to cooperate and socialize with other people well. The classes has served as a platform for me to learn a lot of things academically and socially.- Nhyira


hamadiyaShe will break every barrier that stands between her and her education, which will lead her to become the professional nurse she hopes to be. Hamadalatu is in JHS3 and will be our first girl in senior high.Hamadalatu has been fending for herself since she was in class 3, but is not discouraged and wants to forge ahead to be a better person in the future