Ms. Patterson is the founder/executive director of the Girls Education of Ghana, GEIG. She holds a BA in Political Science and business management from Caldwell University. She graduated in May 2014 from NYU Wagner School of Public Service with an MPA in non profit management and policy. She has served as a teacher in New York City and Ghana.






A NYC native and a former educator for the New York City Department of Education, Mr. Bernstein served 26 years in a variety of roles including as a mathematics instructor, dean of students and a safety director for a large elementary school.He began his journalism career in the Washington, D.C. area working as writer then becoming part owner of “Prince George’s Suite Magazine”.Currently, Robert Bernstein is a freelance writer and photojournalist for various African publications and he provides editorial consultant services to many Diaspora NGOs and initiatives. His focus is primarily directed towards but not limited to African and Caribbean arts, culture, media and sports.He has written for Applause Africa Magazine, AfroBeat Radio, Africa Connect Online and Island Voice.Mr. Bernstein is the Vice President of Girls Education Initiative Ghana and he serves as the head of the NGO’s component in the United States – GEIG US, Inc. He is also a board member of GEIG with responsibility for public affairs.Mr. Bernstein’s work can be seen on his website: and his blog:


Agatha Patterson is an MBA Candidate | UVA Darden School of Business. She is an independent consultant with myriad experience in development and non-profit communications management. She serves as the Development and Communications consultant for the Girls Education Initiative of Ghana, GEIG as well as the board director of development for the Girls Education Initiative of Ghana- US Inc.




Caitlin Allen

Caitlin Allen

Born in Bermuda and raised in four countries, Caitlin Allen has always been passionate about international education and development. After graduating from Pennsylvania State University with a bachelor’s in International Politics, she began teaching in China. There she worked as a teacher and curricula writer of the core subjects for students age eight through seventeen.She currently lives in Madison, Wisconsin, and can be reached through LinkedIn.




Brendan is a sophomore at the University of Pennsylvania studying comparative literature with a concentration in the literature of globalization. His civic interests lie in human rights work, rape and gender-based violence prevention, as well as global wealth and resource inequality. He plans to continue his education after undergrad in international development, social work, or political science, and he hopes to pursue a career in international development

Valeria Otarola

Valeria Otarola(Intern)

Born and raised in Lima, Peru, Valeria got a scholarship to play tennis for Caldwell University, located in New Jersey. She decided to continue her education here in the states, and she will be graduating next year as a Psychology major and Business minor. Coming from a third world country, Valeria states how she has always been impacted by the inequality and poverty that a lot of people in her country live in. She is determined to work hard and receive the best education and training in order to be able to contribute for a change in areas such as the low quality of education, poverty issues, and social development. She is currently working with GEIG as a Social Media Communications intern, and with the Peruvian Consulate as a Development Intern. Her goal is to work for the United Nations after graduating and get more involved in her country’s political environment.